A Smart Vision Based System for Assisting Visually Impaired People

Aysha Nafla P, SruthiRajan MK
2022 International Journal of Engineering Technology and Management Sciences  
Eyes are most important sensory organ of a human body. A person is visually impaired if he cannot see objects as clearly as usual. So its difficult for a visually impaired one to live as normal people can do. They always required some assistive devices or assistants to guide them. To address the concerns, the suggested system will perform multiple tasks as quickly as feasible and accurately without requiring any specific talents.The proposed system bring together the deep learning and cloud
more » ... for smooth functioning of multiple tasks like face recognition, currency recognition, object labeling, text recognition, online news paper reading, current location ,weather and and date and time accessing.The user interact with the system by providing specific voice command like "who is infront of me" and system trigger corresponding module and return voice output. Face recognition is carried based ondlib's face recognition. Image labeling and text recognition by Google cloud vision API, currency recognition for Indian currency notes is proposed to do on deep transfer learning model Resnet 101 ,online news paper reading is with the help of Google News API, Weather access is by Open Weather MAp API , location can be accessed with the help of IP address and datetime module of python provide current date and time.
doi:10.46647/ijetms.2022.v06i04.0029 fatcat:hpb2y5fkkbgprox35vkcdowxle