A specimen of Paralycoptera Chang & Chou 1977 (Teleostei: Osteoglossoidei) from Hong Kong (China) with a potential Late Jurassic age that extends the temporal and geographical range of the genus [post]

Tze-Kei Tse, Michael Pittman, Meemann Chang
2014 unpublished
We identify an osteoglossoid teleost fish - Paralycoptera - from Late Jurassic volcaniclastic mudstones from the Lai Chi Chong Formation of Hong Kong, China. This partially preserved postcranial skeleton represents the first Mesozoic fish from Hong Kong and the most southerly Paralycoptera to date. A radiometric date for the Lai Chi Chong Formation of ~146 Ma implies a temporal range expansion for Paralycoptera of approximately 40 million years back from the Early Cretaceous (~110Ma). However,
more » ... (~110Ma). However, spores found in the Formation suggest an Early Cretaceous age that is consistent with the existing age assignment to Paralycoptera. We argue that the proposed temporal range extension is genuine because it is based on recent precise and accurate radiometric data, but given the discrepancies with the biostratigraphic ages further investigation is needed to confirm this. This study provides an important step towards revealing Hong Kong's Mesozoic vertebrate fauna and understanding its relationship to well-studied mainland Chinese ones.
doi:10.7287/peerj.preprints.725 fatcat:6vq4srnornc6lmok63ahnfxeha