CT findings of severe dengue fever in the chest and abdomen

Tianli Hu, Jinxin Liu, Wanhua Guan, Lieguang Zhang, Songfeng Jiang, Bihua Chen, Qingxin Gan, Deyang Huang
2015 Radiology of Infectious Diseases  
Objective: To study and analyze the chest CT and abdominal CT findings of severe dengue fever. Methods: Imaging data of chest CT and abdominal CT in 38 patients with severe dengue fever were retrospectively analyzed. Results: For chest CT of these patients, 34 cases were positive, with the main performances were pleural effusion (n ¼ 21), patchy clouding opacity (n ¼ 20), atelectasis (n ¼ 18), nodule (n ¼ 6), and pericardial effusion (n ¼ 3). For abdominal CT, 12 cases were positive, including
more » ... ositive, including hematoma (n ¼ 4), ascites (n ¼ 4), multiple low density space-occupying lesions in hepar (n ¼ 3), and nephropathy (n ¼ 3). Conclusion: The main CT features of severe dengue fever in chest and abdomen were pleural effusion, patchy exudation and multiple abdominal lesions. These CT findings facilitate more accurate diagnosis of dengue fever.
doi:10.1016/j.jrid.2015.08.002 fatcat:louifrxluvfexcm5xio2diamgu