Seasonal fluctuation of Agriotes lineatus, A. obscurus and A. sputator click beetles caught using pheromone traps in Poland

Jakubowska Magdalena, Bocianowski Jan, Nowosad Kamila
2018 Plant Protection Science  
The trap catch of Agriotes species and dynamics of the occurrence of adult click beetles using pheromone traps were determined, and the relationship between the dynamics of the caught wireworms and the placement of traps in selected agricultural crops was investigated. The study was conducted in 2011–2014 in the fields of different crops at five localities in two regions in Poland. The effectiveness of trapping the Elateridae beetles using pheromone traps varied in different localities. The
more » ... localities. The results of the analysis of variance indicate statistically significant differences in the number of A. lineatus beetles only in individual years of research. On average, most individuals of this species were observed in the first year of observation (72.62), and the least – in 2012 (18.5). Statistically significant differences in the occurrence of beetles in each month were observed for all species except A. obscurus. No statistically significant differences between populations of the tested Agriotes species were observed in different localities. Their effectiveness was influenced largely by weather conditions. Pheromone traps work well and can be a part of an assessment system for the integrated pest management of Agriotes species.
doi:10.17221/39/2016-pps fatcat:6kdvqcbmlvfyjf4g2twnmy62na