Analysis and Evaluation of Visual Cues in Graphical Interpolators

Darrell Gibson, Richard Polfreman
2022 Zenodo  
Graphical interpolators provide a simple mechanism for synthesis-based sound design by offering a level of abstraction above the synthesis parameters. These systems supply users with two sensory modalities in the form of sonic output from the synthesis engine and visual feedback from the interface. A number of graphical interpolator systems have been developed over the years that provide users with different visual cues, via the graphical display. This study compares user interactions with six
more » ... nterpolation systems that have alternative visualizations, in order to investigate the impact that the interface's different visual cues have on the process of locating sounds within the space. We also present a dimension space analysis of the interpolators and compare this with the user studies to explore its predictive potential in evaluating designs. The outcomes from our study help to better understand design considerations for graphical interpolators and will inform future designs.
doi:10.5281/zenodo.6798234 fatcat:jvixwz2u7fctvlpo2rzq3lmbfi