Crystalline Silicon Solar Cell Engineering to Improve Fill Factor, Open Circuit Voltage, Short Circuit Current and Overall Cell Efficiency

Hadi Bashiri, Mohammad Karami, Shahram Nejad
Design and optimization of a single crystalline silicon (c-Si) solar cell is performed to achieve the maximum light conversion efficiency. Various parameters such as doping concentration and thicknesses, and geometrical dimension of surface pyramids are studied. The inverted surface pyramid is used to increase the efficiency of the solar cell, and engineered oxide layer is used as the passivation and anti-reflect layer. Semi-analytic modeling of the output parameters of the solar cell, and
more » ... olar cell, and numerical simulation for the structures are performed for the optimization. Fill factor (FF) of 85.4%, open circuit voltage (VOC) of 761 mV, short circuit current density (JSC) of 40.1 mA/cm 2 and the overall cell efficiency of 26.3% are achieved. The optimization procedure leads to 1.5% efficiency increase in compare with the similar works.