Остапенко Олексій Іванович, Баїк Оксана Іванівна
2020 Zenodo  
The current state of protection of citizens and legal entities from encroachments on their constitutional rights, freedoms and legitimate interests remains insufficient, despite the existing regulations that ensure and regulate relations in the field of security. Measures of legal influence in the field of security of citizens and legal entities, enshrined in the rules of administrative law, are used by authorized officials in the field of public administration insufficiently, and the amount of
more » ... administrative penalties in the form of fines is minimal. The security of man and society is one of the important priorities in the activities of the state, in fact - its main function. This means that the state assumes responsibility for the realization of the constitutional rights, freedoms and legitimate interests of the country's citizens. In this aspect, the state should be considered as an institution of security, which carries out the formation of state policy in the field of security on the basis of ensuring and protecting the vital interests of the individual, society. The article considers the issues that characterize the role and importance of security in the system of administrative and legal protection of citizens. The special attention is paid to the protection of constitutional rights, freedoms and legal interests of citizens through the application of administrative and legal norms. The analysis of the existing types of security, its levels, types, as well as the norms of administrative law, which are used as measures to influence the violation of constitutional rights, freedoms and legitimate interests in the field of security, remains relevant. The noticed the need to study the specifics of administrative law in the security of individuals and entities subject to inherent their general and specific characteristics. Key words: administrative and legal protection, administrative and [...]
doi:10.5281/zenodo.4140529 fatcat:sphdddvyl5dqrhjod2oltpcqca