Dünya'da Konjonktürel Değişimler ve CHP: 3. ve 7. Kurultayların Türkiye'ye Yansımaları

2021 Belgi Dergisi  
The Group for the Defense of National Rights in Anatolia and Rumelia that brought liberation to the country in the Turkish War of Independence was transformed into the People's Party upon Mustafa Kemal Atatürk's initiatives following the elections held in 1923 and later, the word, 'Republican', was added to its name in 1924. Most cadres that played active roles in the liberation of the country gathered this time under the roof of the Republican People's Party. The Second Congress that was held
more » ... n 1927 by the Republican People's Party as the party establishing the Turkish state became the occasion when Atatürk delivered the Great Speech (Nutuk) and the party was systematically organized. The Second Congress that was the first congress held in the period of the Turkish Republic in 1927 has a significant place in Turkish political life as the party and the leader of the country accounted for their acts to the country on this occasion. Besides, considering the party congresses organized by the Republican People's Party until 1950 starting from 1931, the most noteworthy ones were the Third Congress and the Seventh Congress. The reason for the Third Congress and the Seventh Congress to capture more attention than other party congresses stems from the fact that the changes took place in the world conjuncture and the decisions that were taken in these two congresses in parallel to the world conjuncture were immediately implemented. Firstly, the dreams held for the Third Congress that was organized in 1931 were actually very big. As a matter of fact, since certain commercial restrictions that continued to be in effect as per the Treaty of Lausanne were supposed to be eliminated in 1929, the administrative cadre waited impatiently for 1929. However, all dreams collapsed as the Great Depression started in 1929. Until a new transformation took place in the world, the Third Congress that was held under heavy economic pressures shaped Turkey with decisions taken in this respect. World War II would serve as the new transformation. In the context of the circumstances coming into being as a consequence of World War II, Turkey would have to join the Western bloc. Under these circumstances, the multi-party system was put in place in Turkey. The Republican People's Party that held its last congress, the Seventh Congress, in 1947 while still in power left its imprint once again on the Turkish political life with its decisions.
doi:10.33431/belgi.911188 fatcat:d4vapevqu5gcvaikjfomy3koee