CoSam: An Efficient Collaborative Adaptive Sampler for Recommendation [article]

Jiawei Chen, Chengquan Jiang, Can Wang, Sheng Zhou, Yan Feng, Chun Chen, Martin Ester, Xiangnan He
2020 arXiv   pre-print
Sampling strategies have been widely applied in many recommendation systems to accelerate model learning from implicit feedback data. A typical strategy is to draw negative instances with uniform distribution, which however will severely affect model's convergency, stability, and even recommendation accuracy. A promising solution for this problem is to over-sample the "difficult" (a.k.a informative) instances that contribute more on training. But this will increase the risk of biasing the model
more » ... and leading to non-optimal results. Moreover, existing samplers are either heuristic, which require domain knowledge and often fail to capture real "difficult" instances; or rely on a sampler model that suffers from low efficiency. To deal with these problems, we propose an efficient and effective collaborative sampling method CoSam, which consists of: (1) a collaborative sampler model that explicitly leverages user-item interaction information in sampling probability and exhibits good properties of normalization, adaption, interaction information awareness, and sampling efficiency; and (2) an integrated sampler-recommender framework, leveraging the sampler model in prediction to offset the bias caused by uneven sampling. Correspondingly, we derive a fast reinforced training algorithm of our framework to boost the sampler performance and sampler-recommender collaboration. Extensive experiments on four real-world datasets demonstrate the superiority of the proposed collaborative sampler model and integrated sampler-recommender framework.
arXiv:2011.07739v1 fatcat:wktdowkk7be2dnou63g2pzoslq