A Tunable Plasmonic Refractive Index Sensor with Nanoring-Strip Graphene Arrays

Chunlian Cen, Hang Lin, Jing Huang, Cuiping Liang, Xifang Chen, Yongjian Tang, Zao Yi, Xin Ye, Jiangwei Liu, Yougen Yi, Shuyuan Xiao
2018 Sensors  
In the present study, we design a tunable plasmonic refractive index sensor with nanoring-strip graphene arrays. The calculations prove that the nanoring-strip have two transmission dips. By changing the strip length L of the present structure, we find that the nanoring-strip graphene arrays have a wide range of resonances (resonance wavelength increases from 17.73 μm to 28.15 μm). When changing the sensing medium refractive index nmed, the sensitivity of mode A and B can reach 2.97 μm/RIU and
more » ... ch 2.97 μm/RIU and 5.20 μm/RIU. By changing the doping level ng, we notice that the transmission characteristics can be tuned flexibly. Finally, the proposed sensor also shows good angle tolerance for both transverse magnetic (TM) and transverse electric (TE) polarizations. The proposed nanoring-strip graphene arrays along with the numerical results could open a new avenue to realize various tunable plasmon devices and have a great application prospect in biosensing, detection, and imaging.
doi:10.3390/s18124489 fatcat:vd2moupqmzg5lgu25d7jjjkxhy