Martin E. Cobern
2005 unpublished
The objective of this program is to develop a system to both monitor the vibration of a bottomhole assembly, and to adjust the properties of an active damper in response to these measured vibrations. Phase I of this program, which entailed modeling and design of the necessary subsystems and design, manufacture and test of a full laboratory prototype, was completed on May 31, 2004. The principal objectives of Phase II are: more extensive laboratory testing, including the evaluation of different
more » ... ation of different feedback algorithms for control of the damper; design and manufacture of a field prototype system; and, testing of the field prototype in drilling laboratories and test wells. Work during this quarter centered on the rebuilding of the prototype using the improved valve design described in the Jan-March report 1 . Most of the components have been received and assembly was nearly complete at the end of the period. Testing started in October and results will be submitted in the next report.
doi:10.2172/861456 fatcat:puo7di5rxzg7pnbuti7cphxgcy