The Effect of Disposable Bed Bathing (Dbb) on Nurse Satisfaction and The Comfort of Stroke Patientsin Wahidin Sudirohusodo Hospital

Titi Iswanti Afelya, Rosyidah Arafat
Bathing is one of the main responsibilities of a nurse, but this is still not done routinely because of the bathing procedure using water and a basin (conventional) takes a long time for each patient. The study aimed to determine the effect of disposable bed bathing method on Nurse satisfaction and the comfort of stroke patients at public hospital in Makassar. Methods: This research was a quasi-experimental design with post-test with control group. The subjects were divided into two groups,
more » ... were intervention group given disposable bed bathing and the control group. Results:disposable bed bathing method increased the nurse satisfaction (p = 0.029), but did not affect to the comfort perceived by the patient (p = 0.063). Conclusions: Disposable bed bathing method increases nurse satisfaction in bathing patients but there is no effect on patient comfort, because bathing habits using water is an inherent culture for patients.
doi:10.24990/injec.v3i2.204 fatcat:mouctbzy55dclcwltoyr276yde