Glucose-Cholesterol Interaction Magnifies Coronary Heart Disease Risk for Hypertensive Patients

H. W. Cohen, S. M. Hailpern, M. H. Alderman
2004 Hypertension  
Elevated cholesterol and glucose are known independent risk factors for coronary heart disease. This study examines whether an adverse synergistic interaction of cholesterol and glucose magnifies coronary heart disease risk among treated hypertensive patients. Subjects were hypertensive patients (nϭ6672) in a worksite treatment program, with entry fasting glucose Ͻ6.99 mmol/L (126 mg/dL) and total cholesterol Ͻ6.72 mmol/L (260 mg/dL) observed for mean 5.6Ϯ4.5 years follow-up (range 0.5 to 21.7
more » ... ears). Outcome events were incident hospitalization or death due to coronary heart disease. Cox proportional hazard models were constructed for the whole sample to assess interaction and then stratified by fasting glucose categories with thresholds defined either at impaired fasting glucose (Ն6.11 mmol/L [110 mg/dL]) or upper quartile (Ն5.72 mmol/L [103 mg/dL]). An interaction product term of total cholesterol and fasting glucose as continuous variables significantly (Pϭ0.009) improved a Cox proportional hazards model, adjusting for total cholesterol, fasting glucose, and other coronary heart disease risk factors. Adjusted hazard ratios for 3 upper total cholesterol categories (with total cholesterol Ͻ5.17mmol/L [200 mg/dL] as reference) in the higher fasting glucose stratum were more than double the corresponding hazard ratios in the lower stratum, whether using impaired fasting glucose or upper quartile fasting glucose as the cut point. These results suggest that an adverse synergistic interaction between glucose and cholesterol magnifies coronary heart disease risk associated with total cholesterol among hypertensive patients, raising the possibility that coronary heart disease prevention might be enhanced if cholesterol intervention criteria were modified by glucose status. (Hypertension. 2004;43:983-987.)
doi:10.1161/01.hyp.0000124918.30897.55 pmid:15037563 fatcat:4emhxqq2i5bwlapvgkczryssvq