A Multiple Particle Identification CNN for MicroBooNE

Rui An
2020 Zenodo  
MicroBooNE has accumulated data in a 1E21 POT neutrino beam over five years to test the excess of low energy electron neutrino-like events observed by MiniBooNE. To this end, we have explored the use of a new hybrid analysis chain that includes both conventional and machine learning reconstruction algorithms to identify events with the exclusive 1-proton-1-electron signal topology. The multiple-particle-identification (MPID) network we developed is an important application of convolutional
more » ... convolutional neural networks that takes a reconstructed image as input, and provides simultaneous probabilities of having a proton, electron, gamma, muon or charged pion in the image. MPID shows a promising ability to separate the physical features that distinguish interactions. In this poster, we present the highlights of MPID training and performance in both simulated and real datasets.
doi:10.5281/zenodo.4254318 fatcat:yrbnsbdhp5fwvfsok7y4dm6z7y