A Novel ID Anonymity Preserving Scheme (ID-APS) for Hierarchical Wireless Sensor Networks

Ahmed Al-Riyami, Ning Zhang, John Keane
Node ID anonymity is a critical aspect of privacy in Wireless Sensor Networks (WSNs). Exposing node IDs can help adversaries to learn the underlying network infrastructure and to mount more serious attacks, such as attacks on important nodes (e.g., cluster heads). Therefore, providing ID anonymity should be an integral part of the solution to secure WSNs, and should not hinder other security properties such as accountability and intrusion detection. However, the latter requires that
more » ... es that communication nodes be identifiable globally in a dynamic WSN where there is no fixed infrastructure support. Achieving these contradicting security properties effectively and efficiently is challenging. This paper proposes a method, termed ID Anonymity Preserving Scheme (ID-APS), to preserve node ID anonymity with a global node identification capability in hierarchical WSNs. Evaluation results show that ID-APS achieves these properties at a lower level of costs (computational, communication and memory overheads) than comparable methods.