Adrian Bejan
2016 International Journal of Heat and Technology  
Thermodynamics is brief, simple, unambiguous and improving. Yet, confusion reigns in the field. The word "entropy" is pasted on almost any new thing, without any respect for its proper definition in thermodynamics. Every author bows to his own maximum or minimum principle, even when it contradicts English, not just thermodynamics. Minimizing resistance cannot be the same as maximizing resistance. Minimizing entropy generation cannot be the same as maximizing entropy generation. Because of the
more » ... n. Because of the word "entropy", many believe that entropy generation minimization and maximization are covered by the second law, which is incorrect, twice. Because for an isolated system (or an adiabatic closed system) the second law states that the system entropy inventory increases during changes inside the system, many believe that the second law accounts for organization, evolution, and the arrow of time. This too is incorrect. It is time for a reality check, and this means to take a look at nature, at the physics, at the science of all the natural things that "happen". Here then is a review of the few, the noble, the laws with which in science we cover the few distinct phenomena that nature is made of.
doi:10.18280/ijht.34s101 fatcat:4a5x2mqcijdkfcstc3lhcyjbqu