GPU-based visualization techniques for the interactive exploration of diffusion MRI data [article]

Peeters, THJM (Tim), Haar Romeny, BM (Bart) Ter, Vilanova Bartroli, A (Anna)
This thesis was typeset by the author using L A T E X2 ε . The main body of the text was set using a 11-points Times Roman font. Advanced School for Computing and Imaging This work was carried out in the ASCI graduate school. ASCI dissertation series number 187. This work was part of the BSIK project "Molecular Imaging of the Ischemic Heart". Financial support for the publication of this thesis was kindly provided by the Advanced School for Computing and Imaging (ASCI), and the Technische
more » ... siteit Eindhoven. The cover has been designed by Tim Peeters and Paul Verspaget. The glyphs on the front cover represent data from a HARDI scan of Vesna Prčkovska's brain (figure 8.10(b) on page 115). The back cover shows the fiber structure in a slice of a mouse heart (figure 5.4(b) on page 59).
doi:10.6100/ir653274 fatcat:5qp4ninwvfdizp5wi76ih2ubaa