Self-aligned platinum-silicide nanowires for biomolecule sensing

Fu-Hsiang Ko, Zen-Hou Yeh, Chun-Chi Chen, Tzeng-Feng Liu
2005 Journal of Vacuum Science & Technology B Microelectronics Processing and Phenomena  
A self-aligned platinum-silicide nanowire for biomolecule sensing is developed in this work. The 40 nm nanowire is fabricated through a sequence of electron-beam writing on the polysilicon film, line shrinkage with alkaline solution, platinum film deposition, 550 °C annealing, and aqua regia dissolution. The immobilization of single-stranded capture DNA onto the platinum-silicide nanowire is verified from the fluorescence-labeled technique. The field-effect transistor can distinguish the
more » ... entary, mismatched, and denatured DNA via the conductance difference. Although the nanowire sensor has not been integrated into a fluid channel system, we can sense the minimal target DNA concentration down to 100 fM, and the signal is still 1000-fold larger than the noise signal.
doi:10.1116/1.2090967 fatcat:fmyzg7aqf5ggxa74r6252wglj4