Acquisition and Communication Requirements for Cardiovascular Signals

Dheerendra Singh Gangwar
2013 Journal of Public Health Frontier  
Major objective of this paper is to focus on acquisition, retrieval and communication requirements for cardiovascular monitoring signals. These signals are multi-parametric and multi-dimensional in nature and therefore require comprehensive digital signal processing for feature extraction and analysis to detect the symptoms of cardiac diseases at early stage. Signal acquisition representing physiological parameters, processing for extraction of arrhythmia conditions and communication of
more » ... biomedical information from the subject body to the intended destination is accomplished with the help of Biomedical Sensor Network (BSN).In such type of networks BSN coordinator plays an important role in all the operations including acquisition of monitoring signals, information retrieval for feature extraction and communication of critical diagnosed cardiovascular adversities to the concerned medical care giver. This concept is modeled and simulated with the help of OMNeT++ discrete event network simulation environment. The BSN based medical diagnostic systems are highly demanded by medical professionals as they have potential to improve health care monitoring. The association of medical sciences with technological advances may increase frugal efficiency many times. The work proposed in this paper may help in developing in arrhythmia detection system for ambulatory patient monitoring in near future. Collective efforts are required to address design and development of cost effective ambulatory arrhythmia detection systems to report any severe condition for a person outside the hospital environment without compromising for his convenience and mobility.
doi:10.5963/phf0201004 fatcat:h4vr5hwz4rfsji22gtfck6rkz4