Physics Program with Tagged Forward Protons at STAR/RHIC

Jeong-Hun Lee
2009 Proceedings of the XVII International Workshop on Deep-Inelastic Scattering and Related Topics   unpublished
P hysics P rogram w ith Tagged Forw ard P rotons at STA R /R H IC J. H .Lee for the STA R C ol l aborati on B rookhaven N ati onalLaboratory -Physi cs D epartm ent U pton,N Y 11973 -U . S. A . A new e ort to expl ore the di racti ve regi m e i n pol ari zed p + p col l i si ons i n a broad hi gh energy range ( p s = 200 -500 G eV ) has been i ni ti ated w i th the STA R detector at R H IC .Staged i m pl em entati on ofm ul ti pl e R om an Pot stati ons for taggi ng the forw ard proton i n the
more » ... rd proton i n the di racti ve processesw i l lenabl e searchesforthe central l y produced forthe possi bl e gl uon bound state vi a doubl e Pom eron exchange process and the theoreti cal l y expected O dderon state i n Q C D by studyi ng spi n-dependentel asti c scatteri ng i n a w i de t-range w i th pol ari zed p + p. T his w ork w as supported by B rookhaven Science A ssociates, LLC under C ontract N o. D E -A C 02-98C H 10886 w ith the U .S.D epartm ent ofE nergy.
doi:10.3360/dis.2009.227 fatcat:3saksjygxngetjefkcp5bvfxbu