To what extent is digital media influencing UK video game consumer behaviour?

Stephen Rowley, Andy Phippen
The purpose of the research project is to discover the extent to which digital media is influencing the consumer behaviour and decision making of UK video game consumers. The research takes an objectivist and positivist view whilst using a descriptive and explanatory methodology. Primarily using a quantitative approach, an online questionnaire was distributed using a snowball sampling method. 132 participants answered questions about their influences in order to use inferential statistics.
more » ... amounts of qualitative data was also gathered to assist in the understanding of the data. Findings suggest that digital media is highly influential of UK video game consumer behaviour. In particular, participants listed discount sales alongside creative consumer marketing such as YouTube videos, Twitch livestreams and consumer recommendations. Due to being a relatively niche and new topic, literature surrounding the subject is minimal. The study provides valuable academic knowledge to the topic as well as assists the UK video game industry to understand the most influential types of digital media on UK consumer behaviour.