Optimal solutions in the third line therapy for refractory metastatic colorectal cancer. CORRECTness and CONCURency

R. T. Ayupov, A. A. Izmailov, K. V. Menshikov, A. V. Sultanbaev, A. F. Nasretdinov, R. R. Rakhimov, Sh. I. Musin, N. I. Sultanbaeva
2021 Medical Council  
Colon cancer therapy currently includes at least 3 cytostatic agents and 6 targeted drugs, combinations of which constitute many different treatment regimens. Nevertheless, as shown by various clinical studies, the use of oxaliplatin, irinotecan and fluoropyrimidine regimens in conjunction with monoclonal targeted drugs remains the main one. After progression on the main lines of therapy and registration of refractory disease, there are not many standard options for treatment in the 3rd line
more » ... t have statistical confidence in terms of improving survival rates. There have been attempts to search for genetic aberrations for targeted therapy, predictors of the effectiveness of immunotherapy, the use of re-introduction regimens (re-application of a regimen that the patient stopped taking due to intolerance phenomena) and re-challenge (use of previous regimens, with response at first time, and then developed progression), and the abundance of solutions could only be limited by the imagination of the researcher. However, with the advent of the new multi-kinase inhibitor regorafenib, recommendations for the treatment of colorectal cancer have changed. The drug has received indications for use in the third line of therapy for refractory colorectal cancer. A review of the existing options for targeted therapy and an analysis of studies of different regimens in the 3rd line of therapy in comparison with regorafenib was carried out. It has been established that regorafenib is currently the optimal option for the treatment of metastatic colorectal cancer in the third line of therapy, regardless of previous lines of therapy and mutational status, and has a satisfactory spectrum of side effects, many of which may be predictors of therapy efficacy.
doi:10.21518/2079-701x-2021-20-47-52 fatcat:lyycx7mtqbdbbnilmbkzrw7mmu