Basic Parameters Determining X-Ray Emission Level in Stars of Spectral Type Later than F5

Lucio Paternò, Francesca Zuccarello
1983 International Astronomical Union Colloquium  
This is a merely exploratory search for estimating the importance of those stellar parameters which we believe to be relevant to the X-ray emission from stars possessing outer convective envelopes.Belvedere et al.(1981,1982) have shown that a mechanism which converts magnetic into thermal energy is plausible for explaining the X-ray emission level in late type main sequence and giant stars. One of the main conclusions of their work is that the average surface X-ray flux Fxdepends on the square
more » ... ends on the square of the average surface magnetic field strength B. The surface magnetic activity,in stars possessing outer convective envelopes, is likely due to the interaction of rotation with convection which produces both differential rotation (Belvedere et al. 1980a) and dynamo action by the α-effect (Belvedere et al. 1980b).Therefore we would expect that the level of magnetic field intensity depends on star's rotation Ω and the depth of the convection zone(c.z.) D,because both parameters are very important in determining the strength of the interaction.
doi:10.1017/s0252921100096780 fatcat:hrkptxafn5h5po3axpq3dzhk7a