Equivalent Rope Length-Based Trajectory Planning for Double Pendulum Bridge Cranes with Distributed Mass Payloads

Qingxiang Wu, Ning Sun, Xiaokai Wang
2022 Actuators  
The hoisting form in which the payload is hung on the hook by two rigging ropes is widely used in the industry, but it also results in the complex double pendulum dynamic of the bridge crane, making the anti-swing trajectory planning full of challenges. In this paper, based on the concept of the equivalent rope length, an equivalent single pendulum model of the double pendulum bridge crane with the distributed mass payload is established. On this basis, the particle swarm optimization algorithm
more » ... is adopted to solve the equivalent rope length and calculate the parameters of the anti-swing velocity trajectory based on the phase plane method. To evaluate the effectiveness of the proposed method, experiments with a laboratory double pendulum bridge crane are conducted. Experimental results demonstrate that the residual oscillation angle of the payload of the proposed method is smaller than those of the existing methods, such as the trajectory planning without the equivalent rope length, input shaping and command smoothing.
doi:10.3390/act11010025 fatcat:5lic6jo6vvbupmfxwmjk2udvr4