Multi-Grid, Multi-User Workflows in the P-GRADE Grid Portal

Péter Kacsuk, Gergely Sipos
2005 Journal of Grid Computing  
Computational Grids connect resources and users in a complex way in order to deliver nontrivial qualities of services. According to the current trend various communities build their own Grids and due to the lack of generally accepted standards these Grids are usually not interoperable. As a result, large scale sharing of resources is prevented by the isolation of Grid systems. Similarly, people are isolated, because the collaborative work of Grid users is not supported by current environments.
more » ... ach user accesses Grids as an individual person without having the possibility of organizing teams that could overcome the difficulties of application development and execution more easily. The paper describes a new workflow-oriented portal concept that solves both problems. It enables the interoperability of various Grids during the execution of workflow applications, and supports users to develop and run their Grid workflows in a collaborative way. The paper also introduces a classification model that can be used to identify workflow-oriented Grid portals based on two general features: Ability to access multiple Grids, and support for collaborative problem solving. Using the approach the different potential portal types are introduced, their unique features are discussed and the portals and Problem Solving Environments (PSE) of our days are classified. The P-GRADE Portal as a Globus-based implementation for the classification model is also presented.
doi:10.1007/s10723-005-9012-6 fatcat:cs3t6lgpwrazdemfmzxe465pr4