On the use of the multimodal clues in human behaviour for the modelling of agent co-operative behaviour

2002 Connection science  
Although there are different definitions of autonomous agents, one of their features should probably be the flexibility of choice an autonomous agent should have on how and with which other agents it should cooperate. We introduce the TYCOON framework for studying cooperation between agents. The framework includes on one hand a typology including six types of cooperation between agents (transfer, equivalence, specialization, redundancy, "complementarity" and concurrency), and on the other hand
more » ... he associate algorithms for computing metrics of cooperative behaviour. We describe how the framework can be applied to two different problem solving tasks: a simple variable binding task and a more complex multimodal collective presentation task. We believe that our TYCOON low-level specifications of cooperation between agents might be useful as building blocks for bridging the gap between experimental human behaviour analysis and the modelling of higher-level cooperation-related attitudes related to autonomy, delegation and control.
doi:10.1080/0954009021000068736 fatcat:ptdoouvjozf3vpb2vsnlkdvdei