Short Stories as a Genre of Literature to Teach Speaking Skills

2018 International Journal on Studies in English Language and Literature  
The recent trend in teaching English as a Second Language is the necessity of integrating literature into language because of its richness in thought provoking ideas. Literature has many genres of which short stories seem to attract the learners in language acquisition. It enhances the four skills of languagelistening, speaking, reading and writingin general as the motivational factors are embedded in it. A close look at the way the language has come through centuries reveals that literature
more » ... language have not bonded so well that it can be used for learning a language. Many linguists like Collie J and Slater S (1987), Hall (2005) and Paran ( 2008 ) have recently supported the inclusion of literature in the language classroom as it plays a vital role in language acquisition. This paper focuses on the role of short stories as a tool to enhance speaking skills as a holistic approach as they can be taught within the allotted class time. Moreover, short stories have compact structures and the readability which instigate the readers become learners. The paper discusses how short stories pave ways to interact with the second language learners and enable them to perform better in the classroom. The teachers need to choose particular designs and techniques for teaching the selected short stores from their knowledge and experience.
doi:10.20431/2347-3134.0601004 fatcat:clefop6jgze7rmtqxxoh3vbxz4