Electron-donating, acid-base, and magnetic properties of samaria catalyst

S. Sugunan, J.J. Malayan
1995 Journal of Adhesion Science and Technology  
The electron-donor properties of Sm20J activated at 300, 500, and 800°C are reported from studies on the adsorption of electron acceptors of various electron affinities (electron affinity values in eV are given in parentheses): 7,7,8.8-tctracyanoquino·dimethane (2.84). 2,3,5.6·tclrachloro-IA-benzoquinonc (2.40). p-dinitrobenzcnc (1.77). and m-dinitrobenzene (1.26) in acetonitrile and IA-dioxane. The extent of electron transfer during the adsorption was determined from magnetic measurements. The
more » ... c measurements. The acid-base properties of Sm20J at different activation temperatures arc reported using a set of Hammett indicators. Electron donor-acceptor interactions at interfaces arc important in elucidating the adhesion forces.
doi:10.1163/156856195x00301 fatcat:znzxqh5ceveq3dhwez2j3a3tra