Permission Based Risk Communication For Android Apps

Viral Mandaliya, Bhavesh Jain, Sanket Palekar, Kunal Patel
International Research Journal of Engineering and Technology   unpublished
The popularity and advancement in the functionality of mobile devices has made them targets for malicious and intrusive applications (apps). Although there are strong security measures provided for most mobile systems, the area where these systems fall short are their reliance on the users to make decisions that affect the security of the devices. As our prime example, Android depends on users to understand the permissions that an app is requesting and base the installation decision on the list
more » ... ecision on the list of permissions. Research has shown that this reliance on users is ineffective, as most users do not understand or consider the permissions important. We propose a solution that leverages a method to assign a risk score to each app and display a summary of that information to users.