Acclimatizing The Bard of Avon to the Indian Classrooms

Sukanya Ghosh
2016 An Internati onal Refereed English e-Journal Impact Factor: 2.24 (IIJIF)   unpublished
In the history of literature Shakespeare is one of those very few authors who has stood the test of time. The teaching of Shakespeare saw a significant reformation since its emergence from the Victorian times when the approach was primarily author-centric and biographical to the post modern days which encourages a holistic reading and promotes a intertextual, interdisciplinary and intermedia reading of the texts. Across the globe, studying Shakespeare is indispensible for all students of
more » ... Literature. India has a long tradition of teaching of Shakespeare due to historical and political reasons where Shakespeare is taught not only at undergraduate levels but also at school levels. In this paper I discuss the gradual evolution in the methodology of teaching of Shakespeare in the Indian classrooms in order to cater to the interest of the students and help their intellectual development.