Foods and drugs analysis

1902 The Analyst  
Estimation of Fuse1 Oil in Brandy or other Alcoholic Liquors. E. Beckmann. (Zeit. fur Untersuch. der Nahr. und Genussrnittel, 1901, iv., 1059-1064.)-The following method was found by the author to give satisfactory results : 50 C.C. of the brandy, together with 20 grammes of pure granular calcium chloride, are placed in a separating funnel, and so much water is added that the alcohol in the solution shall not exceed 50 per cent. When the calcium chloride has dissolved, the solution is
more » ... well extracted with four successive quantities of about 30 C.C. each of carbon tetrachloride. These extractions are collected in another separating funnel, and shaken with 25 C.C. of water to remove ethyl alcohol. The water may then be shaken with 80 grammes of carbon tetrachloride, after the addition of 10 grammes of calcium chloride. The total amount of carbon tetrachloride is dried by means of a little fused calcium chloride, and filtered through a plug of glass wool into tt stoppered flaek, the glass wool being washed with a little dry carbon tetrachloride. Three grammes of powdered acid sodium sulphate and 3 grammes of sodium nitrite are then added, and the flask is repeatedly shaken for thirty minutes. The solution is again filtered through glass wool, and the saline residue washed with a little
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