Cosmopolitanism and Race in Percy Grainger's American "Delius Campaign"

Sarah Kirby
2018 pre-print
"Cosmopolitanism and Race in Percy Grainger's American 'Delius Campaign'" analyzes Grainger's early-twentieth-century campaign to promote the works of Frederick Delius in the United States, exposing the campaign's underpinnings in Grainger's racist, nativist, and eugenicist ideologies and projects. Kirby exposes a peculiar construction of cosmopolitanism at the root of Grainger's modes of presenting Delius to US audiences, arguing that by downplaying his European national roots, Delius and his
more » ... usic could be deployed as a "blank canvas" upon which Grainger could superimpose his own "developing racist ideologies."
doi:10.7916/d8zk70kv fatcat:vupm4xartza4th4fcura445iuy