Teoria, análise e nova musicologia: debates e perspectivas

Heitor Martins Oliveira
2008 Opus  
This paper presents a bibliographic review of academic debates involving the areas of music theory, musical analysis, and new musicology. Researchers in music theory have responded to the criticism of formalism and scientificism in traditional analytical approaches with the following alternatives: discussion of disciplinary spaces, the idea of "voice" of music and its analytical possibilities, rehabilitation of sensible experiences with music, empiric research on technical aspects of musical
more » ... pects of musical processes, and reevaluation of the theoretical and analytical bibliography . Therefore, there is a process of accommodation between modernist assumptions, which characterize the analytical enterprise of twentieth-century North- American music theory, and post-modernist assumptions, which support the critiques and propositions of new musicology. This process opens up the academic space for an enriched academic approach, an interpretative musicology that applyies verbal modes of expression to deal with specific compositions as more than a series of technical procedures, exploring matters of meaning, aesthetic and historical, direct and indirect associations.
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