An Effective Inhibitory Strategy of Low Steady Magnetic Field on Ovarian Cancer [post]

Xiaodi Li, Yanwen Fang, Zhicai Fang, Ping Wang, Jun Zhu
2021 unpublished
To estimate the effect of a steady-state magnetic field (SMF) with low magnetic intensity gradient on the apoptosis-promoting factors related to cancer cells, we systematically select SMF with 0.2T, 0.4T and 0.6T to study their effect on different ovarian cancer lines. An in vitro cell model system about two kinds of ovarian cancer lines is established, whose viability and intracellular factors are detected by CCK-8, confocal microscopy and flow cytometry method. The results demonstrate that
more » ... apoptosis rate of ovarian cancer cells is increased with the enhancement of SMF magnetic intensity. Furthermore, we detect an increasing ROS and intracellular Ca2+ levels in ovarian cancer cells, which can be caused by SMF. The results suggest that ROS and Ca2+ levels are the main reason for the significant apoptosis of ovarian cancer cell lines in SMF. Moreover, an in vivo experiment also reveals that SMF has a strong inhibitory effect on ovarian cancer. Therefore, the inhibitory strategy is an effective, which has a great potential in the treatment of drug-resistant ovarian cancer.
doi:10.21203/ fatcat:zjkuapg3eve73hadm6lxxoiby4