Use of sound spectral signals analysis to assess the technical condition of mechanical devices

Paweł Maciąg, Leszek Chałko, I. Bondrea, N.F. Cofaru, M. Inţă
2019 MATEC Web of Conferences  
The article presents the results of a part of research conducted by the authors into a wide range of work on automation of public safety systems. Their main purpose is to create, on the basis of sound signals analysis, system of warning against the use of firearms monitored public places not only at the time of shooting, but at the stage of preparing - the firearm reloading process. The range of acoustic measurements presented in the article and their analyzes included variability of sound
more » ... ion of selected type of firearms depending on the number of operations and thus the degree of wear. Analysis of the recorded data will allow in the future to develop a system enabling not only to determine a type of firearm or tp narrow down the search area of individual specimens, but also to determine the degree of wear in terms of suitability for further use. The results discussed in the article correspond to two states of the same firearm model. The first is the initial state from the manufacturer's factory after returning 50 control shots, the other after over 20,000 cycles. The used firearm was technically fully efficient, with no need to replace the elements during operation as well as tests. The presented scope of measurements includes spectral analysis of sound in the near field and time analysis of sound emission levels in the successive operation phases of the firearm mechanisms.
doi:10.1051/matecconf/201929001006 fatcat:dhi2lhszy5gg3ielrgfdr336oq