Tres entradas posibles para el estudio de las plataformas de videojuegos: el caso Steam

Diego Maté
2020 Antares letras e humanidades  
The media platforms dedicated to video games are growing in number, offer and amount of users. Some, such as Steam, combine the digital consume of videogames with social networks functionalities and become the media support of a great variety of social practices. Given this expanding scenario, game studies privileged studies that begin with big data and develop more or less linear explanations of complex phenomena. From the socio-semiotic perspective, this work presents three possible
more » ... possible approaches to the subject, taking as an example the community section of the Steam platform. Each entry addresses a problem: the regulation of the gap between production and reconnaissance; the public and interindividual management of the presentation and access to the users' ludic performance; and the different semiotic operations that the same textual production (the in-game capture) can acquire depending on its placement and its inscription in a circuit of discursive practices.
doi:10.18226/19844921.v12.n28.03 fatcat:3i5tjm3pyrcvjmiaty2icusega