ExclusiveC=+charmonium production ine+e−→H+γatBfactories within the light cone formalism

V. V. Braguta
2010 Physical Review D  
In this paper the cross sections of the processes e^+ e^- → H+γ, H=η_c, η_c', χ_c0, χ_c1, χ_c2 are calculated. The calculation is carried out at the leading twist approximation of light cone formalism. Within this approach the leading logarithmic radiative and relativistic corrections to the amplitudes are resumed. For the processes e^+ e^- →η_c, η_c'+γ one loop radiative corrections are taken into account. It is also shown that one loop leading logarithmic radiative corrections calculated
more » ... n light cone formalism for the processes under study coincide with that obtained by direct calculations of one loop diagrams within nonrelativistic QCD.
doi:10.1103/physrevd.82.074009 fatcat:lq2x2hqj2ngnpf7cfeyra5rrnu