2017 Applied Ecology and Environmental Research  
Islam et al.: Plant virus ecology: a glimpse of recent accomplishments -691 -APPLIED ECOLOGY AND ENVIRONMENTAL RESEARCH 15(1): 691-705. Abstract. Plant virus ecology mainly focuses upon populations and their interactions with host plants within environment. The subject includes interesting insights as many factors which affect the virus behavior, population, virus-vector interactions, biodiversity and host plants genotypes are involved in it. Moreover the achievements in the field of molecular
more » ... cology by application of recent molecular biology techniques are included which enhance the strength in understanding the economically important virus populations, growth and their world wide spread. Virus infection results direct and indirect effect on insect vectors by evolution of changes in their life cycles, health and interacting behaviors that support their spread. Similarly, the description of the recent information about how plant viruses disseminate towards the important agro-ecological zones in naturally managed vegetations and which factors play important role in ecological aspects are also included in this review. The modern era of science and technology requires a better understanding about movement of viruses in both directions which has become a highly important issue to levitate such kinds of aspects thus making plant virus ecology an exciting research discipline in future.
doi:10.15666/aeer/1501_691705 fatcat:k4hgb4az35c2faik3vtcxkroum