Study on Short-range Non-line-of-sight Ultraviolet Communication
근거리의 자외선 비가시거리 통신에 관한 연구

Dong-Kook Park
2012 Journal of the Korean Society of Marine Engineering  
A conventional wireless rf communication has relatively high ratio of power dissipation to transmit power for short-range links, susceptibility to interference, interception and jamming of electromagnetic wave. The study on alternative using ultraviolet signal to remedy the shortcomings of conventional rf communication has recently received attention. In this paper, the simulation results about the data rate performance of ultraviolet non-line-of-sight communication are provided. It is found
more » ... t the direction of transmitting beam, receiving field of view width and the transmitting signal power have a seriously effect on the data rate of on-off-keying non-line-of-sight ultraviolet communication.
doi:10.5916/jkosme.2012.36.1.179 fatcat:6vh3klizgvgpbh3m5pti5lubqi