Magnetic charge propagation upon a 3D artificial spin-ice

A. May, M. Saccone, A. van den Berg, J. Askey, M. Hunt, S. Ladak
2021 Nature Communications  
AbstractMagnetic charge propagation in spin-ice materials has yielded a paradigm-shift in science, allowing the symmetry between electricity and magnetism to be studied. Recent work is now suggesting the spin-ice surface may be important in mediating the ordering and associated phase space in such materials. Here, we detail a 3D artificial spin-ice, which captures the exact geometry of bulk systems, allowing magnetic charge dynamics to be directly visualized upon the surface. Using magnetic
more » ... e microscopy, we observe vastly different magnetic charge dynamics along two principal directions. For a field applied along the surface termination, local energetics force magnetic charges to nucleate over a larger characteristic distance, reducing their magnetic Coulomb interaction and producing uncorrelated monopoles. In contrast, applying a field transverse to the surface termination yields highly correlated monopole-antimonopole pairs. Detailed simulations suggest it is the difference in effective chemical potential as well as the energy landscape experienced during dynamics that yields the striking differences in monopole transport.
doi:10.1038/s41467-021-23480-7 pmid:34050163 fatcat:ra7wmqsnije4fltfkegofe3fda