The evolution of enzyme function in the isomerases

Sergio Martinez Cuesta, Nicholas Furnham, Syed Asad Rahman, Ian Sillitoe, Janet M Thornton
2014 Current Opinion in Structural Biology  
The advent of computational approaches to measure functional similarity between enzymes adds a new dimension to existing evolutionary studies based on sequence and structure. This paper reviews research efforts aiming to understand the evolution of enzyme function in superfamilies, presenting a novel strategy to provide an overview of the evolution of enzymes belonging to an individual EC class, using the isomerases as an exemplar. Corresponding authors: Martinez Cuesta, Sergio
more » ... k) and Thornton, ()Thornton, Janet M ( Current Opinion in Structural Biology 2014, 26:121-130 This review comes from a themed issue on Sequences and topology Isomerases are present in the metabolism and genome of most living organisms, catalysing up to 4% of the biochemical reactions present in central metabolism, in particular, carbohydrate metabolism. They also play a
doi:10.1016/ pmid:25000289 pmcid:PMC4139412 fatcat:jl366uxgrfchpdgknr5dl5pehm