Lexicalization of Motion Event in Persian

Hajar Babai
2011 Theory and Practice in Language Studies  
In this paper we will have a short look at Persian language structure and discuss about expressing change of state and motion in Persian. Persian is considered among languages with a few simple verbs, and most of Persian verbs are compound. We can categorize the Persian verbs indicating motion event as following: 1. PATH is expressed in a non-head framed construction, and the main verb shows the MANNER of motion. Compounds in this pattern are combined verbs and non-separable. 2. PATH is
more » ... 2. PATH is indicated by the main verb (head-framed construction type) and is emphasized or explained in the non-verbal (satellite/non-head) part, and the MANNER of motion comes in the adverb.3. The main verb indicates both PATH and MANNER of motion: Although, it may be considered as an incorporated compound verb in which the prepositional disappears after incorporation. Both head-framed and non-head framed construction of path are available in Persian, but except deictic verbs in which path is specified, in other cases, path is expressed mostly in a nonhead construction type. The main verb almost expresses manner of motion, and path is mentioned in the nonhead part of a clause. Of course, it needs more studies in order to judge and prove whether Persian is a nonhead framed (S-Language) or not.
doi:10.4304/tpls.1.2.157-162 fatcat:yhua6uqadzcmtacv2yvnvf4bqq