Natural Products and Resources of the Philippine Islands

M. W. Harrington
1898 Scientific American  
exchange and then a surcharge of fifty cents for each draft on New York. "What is the value," our corre spondent asks, "of the Pan-American Congress and other bodies for opening trade with the South Ameri can republics when one of the most useful mediums to this end (postal facilities) is neglected?" Mr. Franz makes the suggestion that the provision of parcel post and postal order accommodation would remove a serious obstacle to trade, and he is not by any means the only citizen of the South
more » ... zen of the South American republics who has complained of the disadvantage under which the United States labors in this respect. In these days of keen competition we cannot afford to suffer any handi cap such as imposed by the conditions referred to, and the subject may well be referred to the thoughtful con sideration of our own post office authorities.
doi:10.1038/scientificamerican06041898-355 fatcat:hga2pi3zj5gbra6o7tef52vpjm