The effects of biorhythm cycles on labor onset, time of delivery and outcome of pregnancy

Carol Jean Gruenewald Morganti
This study was an attempt to correlate biorhythm theory to outcomes of pregnancy, such as, labor onset, time of delivery, complications, and subjective experience. Sixty-nine pregnant women were asked to complete 6-week daily checklists to correlate with their computed biorhythms. Analysis showed only 21.7 to 27.5% followed predicted cycles; the frequencies were too small to analyze separately for significance. Using chi-square analysis, data from all subjects showed labor onset and time of
more » ... set and time of delivery did not occur more frequently than expected in any phase of any biorhythm cycle. Complications occurred more frequently than expected in the positive phase of the physical cycle.
doi:10.26053/0h-tez6-hj00 fatcat:5y5pl5jtrzesnhd4zzgij7et7e