Detection and Prevention for Jamming Attack in MANET using TAODV Protocol

Soneram Verma, Yadav Maya, M Pursuing, Tech, Asst Professor
International Research Journal of Engineering and Technology   unpublished
MANET (Mobile Ad Hoc Network) could be a collection of self configurable mobile nodes wherever every node acts as a router for different nodes, which permits knowledge to travel, utilizing multi-hop network paths. MANETs are vulnerable to various attacks in the least layers, because the design of most MANET routing protocols assumes as if there is no malicious intruder node within the network. The main aim of this work is to develop trust based on-demand routing protocols for knowledge
more » ... ion below jamming attack in MANET. The proposed protocols should be efficient in terms of Packet Delivery ratio, End-to-End Delay, normalized routing load (NRL), Residual Energy and Throughput. Based on the motivations to produce new security measures to be incorporated in popular routing protocols AODV, the aim of this work has been implement secure on-demand routing (TAODV) protocols for data transmission in MANET and detect jamming node in MANET scenario using TAODV protocol. Also Prevent the network from jamming attack and improve the packet delivery fraction, throughput and end-to-end delay, normalized routing load, Residual Energy even with the presence of jamming attacks. The results of both AODV and TAODV compare to analyze that of those 2 types of protocols provides higher performance.