2008 Gynecological Surgery  
Objective: To directly compare Adept(R), Spraygel(R), Seprafilm(R) and Intercoat (R) as adhesion barriers in a realistic animal model Methods: In-vivo adhesion prophylaxis was assessed in a rat model involving traumatisation by standardised electrocautery and suturing. Treatment with Adept(R), Spraygel(R), Seprafilm(R) or Intercoat(R) was compared to an untreated control group. Each group consisted of 15 animals and a total of 75 rats were operated. The relevant tissue was also examined
more » ... ically. Results: Adhesion formation was significantly reduced after treatment with the adhesion barriers than after no treatment. Coverage of the traumatized areas with adhesions was 79% in the control group. This was reduced to 54% by the liquid barrier Adept(R) and to 69% by the gel barrier Spraygel(R).
doi:10.1007/s10397-008-0431-9 fatcat:rj6omxhvnjdoljsvkwh3y7hoka