The Future of Pulmonary Function Testing

N. R. MacIntyre
2012 Respiratory care  
The pulmonary function lab of today is heavily focused on describing pathophysiology and quantifying the extent of disease. As we move forward, it is important that the results of pulmonary function tests go beyond this and be linked to important outcomes that truly affect clinical decision making. To get there, improvements in device performance are required, high quality technicians are critical, and properly trained interpreting clinicians with good reference standards are mandatory.
more » ... mandatory. Moreover, as accessibility to these tests is increased, it is important that quality metrics remain intact. There is a wide array of novel tests that might be performed by pulmonary function labs in the future. These range from modification of current technologies to brand new technologies that are still in early development. Examples include exhaled breath analysis, sophisticated analyses of lung mechanics and gas exchange, cardiac and tissue oxygenation assessments, and imaging technologies. Adoption of any new technology will require, even more than today, clear evidence that the new technology is a real adjunct to clinical decision making. Key words: pulmonary function testing; PFT. [Respir Care 2012;57(1):154 -161. © 2012 Daedalus Enterprises] Neil R MacIntyre MD FAARC is affiliated with the Division
doi:10.4187/respcare.01422 pmid:22222134 fatcat:kth5vjvtvrb6da2ey2zm64yrne