Permanent matching of coupled optical bottle resonators with better than 016 GHz precision

N. A. Toropov, M. Sumetsky
2016 Optics Letters  
The fabrication precision is one of the most critical challenges on the way to the creation of practical photonic circuits composed of coupled high Q-factor microresonators. While very accurate transient tuning of microresonators based on local heating has been reported, the record precision of permanent resonance positioning achieved by post-processing is still within 1-5 GHz. Here we demonstrate two coupled bottle microresonators fabricated at the fiber surface which resonances are matched
more » ... nces are matched with a better than 0.16 GHz precision. This corresponds to a better than 0.17 angstrom precision in the effective fiber radius variation. The achieved fabrication precision is only limited by the resolution of our optical spectrum analyzer and can be potentially improved by an order of magnitude.
doi:10.1364/ol.41.002278 pmid:27176982 fatcat:ognno6iwkbafzjm2ppzznbx4zm