Safety and efficacy of large balloon sphincteroplasty in a third care hospital

Eduardo Martín-Arranz, Rafael Rey-Sanz, María Dolores Martín-Arranz, Francisco Gea-Rodríguez, Pedro Mora-Sanz, José María Segura-Cabral
2012 Revista Espanola de Enfermedades Digestivas  
large balloon sphincteroplasty (LBS) associated with sphincterotomy (ES) has gained acceptance as a useful tool in extracting difficult bile duct stones. Our purpose was to evaluate the efficacy and safety of LBS with balloons > or = 10 mm in clinical practice setting. unicentre prospective study in a tertiary care hospital. All patients who underwent LBS associated with ES between July 2007 and March 2011 were included prospectively in a database recording clinical aspects, procedure data,
more » ... procedure data, outcome and complications.Success is the main outcome defined as complete stone removal documented by absence of any filling defect during a final occlusion cholangiogram and absence of clinical or radiological findings after the ERCP consistent with remaining stones. Complications as pancreatitis, cholangitis, post-ERCP bleeding, perforation and others were also measured. one hundred twenty procedures were made in 109 patients with balloons ranging from 10 to 20 mm. Success rate was 91% in the first attempt and 96.7% after two procedures. Mechanical lithotripsy was only needed in one case (0.8%). Complication rate was 4.2% due to five cases of post-ERCP bleeding in high risk patients. large balloon sphincteroplasty associated to sphincterotomy in clinical practice is a very effective and safe technique.
pmid:22849496 fatcat:g5f6o62xrndbnbqrvbz2s3j5r4