Construction Sequence Analysis of Sand Jet Method in the Process of Foundation Treatment for Immersed Tunnel

Shuzhuo Liu, Yadong Li, Junsheng Chen, Yu, Zhao
The research about the influence of formed sand deposit on construction flow environment around the nozzle was carried out by the computational fluid dynamics (CFD) method based on Guangzhou Zhoutouzui immersed tunnel project. The results show that the sealing edge can hinder the flow field; the region of crossing angle formed by sand deposit boundary is blind zone of construction; the compactness of the sand foundation is uneven in the process of asymmetric construction. This paper presented
more » ... s paper presented the principles of construction by analyzing a single sand pump nozzle at different boundary conditions. The proposed construction sequence of the project with three rows jetted sand nozzles is as follows: all the nozzles in the middle row should be poured in order first, and the nozzles at the both sides can be filled subsequently.